Power Generation

A decrease in efficiency due to the accumulation of particles is one of the main problems with heat exchangers. Even a minor layer of scale causes a dramatic decrease in the transfer of heat which can result in the unforeseen shut down of the system for cleaning.

Filternox® automatic self cleaning filters, by removing all suspended solids and particles, provide uninterrupted working conditions for heat exchangers.

As well as protecting heat exchangers, Filternox® automatic self cleaning filters will also provide protection for nozzles, ion exchangers, seals, membranes and other sensitive equipment installed in your system.

The use of Filternox® automatic self cleaning filters helps maintain optimum pumping conditions through the prevention of pressure drop caused by sediment build up.

The continuous operation of the turbines has vital importance for the hydroelectric power plants.

Dam water used for the cooling of the turbine bearing and sealing equipment of the hydroelectric power plants, contains different sizes of particles as all the surface waters creating fouling in the pipes and heat exchanging surfaces, and damaging the turbine bearings and seals.

Filternox® automatic self-cleaning strainers provide a solution to this filtration problem with two stage filter models, which offer a convenient and cost effective way to address filtration challenges in hydroelectric power plants, extending the life of bearings and seals equipment and reducing maintenance and operating costs.