Ballast Water

New regulations are required for almost all types of vessels to implement filtration systems of maximum 50 microns followed by a UV system for disinfection of ballast water. Filternox® engineers recently developed a new filter model designed specifically for this application.

As the ballast system requires high flows, and to meet the 50 micron filtration requirement, filtration surface areas have to be large. The technology used in Filternox® designed for ballast water filtration applications provide the optimum surface area for a successfull result.

Filternox® also offers filters that combine two stage filtration within one unit with automatic self-cleaning of the coarse screen structure integrated into the fine screen body, making it ideal for filtration of ballast water.

For a more complete and safer filtration, Filternox® can also implement the BMF-TW filter to eliminate large particles and to protect the pump.