California is the most productive agricultural state in the union, and agriculture uses 80 percent of California’s water. California almonds use 1.1 trillion gallons of water each year

Drip irrigation is more expensive than the conventional alternatives, but with water in California getting scarcer and pricier, farmers may have little choice but to switch.

The reduction of available fresh water sources has become a major problem in recent years. The consequent reduction in water volume has also increased the concentration of contaminants and pollution. Because of this problem, modern irrigation systems, using either underground or surface water are requiring more efficient filtration systems.

Filternox® Automatic self cleaning filters protect irrigation and fertilizing systems from all kind of particles and assure years of continued operation without the clogging of drippers, springlers, etc.

Filternox® is the perfect solution for golf courses, agriculture, gardening and endless applications wherever water economy is needed.

Filternox® Automatic self cleaning filter offers a special hydraulic control system which triggers the back flush without requiring any extra energy other than the pressure of the water. With this hydraulic control system also during the back flush there is not any interruption of the flow.

Filternox® offers double stage automatic self-cleaning filters which are implemented directly to the surface water ahead of the irrigation system without any extra investment.