About Us

Filternox® began as Antel Treatment Systems Construction, Industry and Commerce Co. Inc.  founded in 1986.

Since, Antel Treatment Systems has been involved in the design, supply, installation and commissioning of numerous domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants, drinking water, well water and cooling water filtration applications and feasibility and design studies on environmental projects.

Filternox® staff includes experienced environmental, civil, mechanical, electrical and agricultural engineers.

Different treatment systems have been utilized by Antel Treatment Systems ranging from simple pretreatment to sophisticated chemical or biological treatment and in some cases, the combination of all the three systems.

Based on our know-how and experience in environmental technology, our research & development engineers have been designing the automatic self cleaning filters under the trade mark Filternox® since the beginning of 2004.

In addition to supplying turnkey water and wastewater treatment plants, the company also provides services in solid waste management, feasibility studies, water supply systems, project design and consultancy.